A Second Chance

Andrew Profiles

Words by car owner, Mark Veltkamp
Photos by Andrew Cox

Being from the hot rod scene I had plenty of mechanical knowledge and had more than a few custom cars under my belt, but I had never had one of my own.In September of 2008 my wife pulled me into the VW world, after going on a cruise and seeing the odd ball Scirocco’s hiding from most of the other cars.

After the cruise I started looking for Scirocco’s for sale. Searching for what seemed like forever, I had finally found it, the exact car from the cruise the one that started the addiction. After dailying the car for nearly 2 years it was stolen from my work place.

I searched for several weeks but never found it and came close to moving on with life. A close friend (Josh) called and asked for the vin number. I read it off and Josh finished it. He found it abandoned and stripped of all the rare 80’s aftermarket parts except the kamei lip. Honestly, I came close to giving up, but the tight-knit Scirocco community helped tremendously, selling me nearly all the replacement parts for uber cheap and helping me get the car back to where it was.

Except instead being satisfied when it was complete, i decided to keep working on it, changing this, and fixing that. Making it better than it was before, making it more my own. Changing it from the way it looked when I bought it. To the vision I had for it.

The tuning and large-scale engine work was done by close friend, Josh Strong at Day and Night Rebuild. Dan Alcorn at Unorthodox Customs offered to weld in the roll cage for free… except it had to be painted fluorescent pink to claim the deal. Obviously, as you can see I took the offer. I came close to giving up on the Scirocco, but the tight-knit Scirocco crowd and friends I’d made within community drove me to continue on and build my vision of this small coupé.


22MM Master Cylinder w/stainless steel brake lines on all corners.
11″ discs up front.
8.9″ discs in rear
Koenig Helium Ultralights (11.9lbs wheels)
Cut h&r cup kit
4pt subframe
Rear 25mm sway bar
Crossmember brace

1.8l 16v running cis-e stock management with 2 1/4 exhaust no cat or resonator,
Thin headgasket for higher compression
Mk3 Alternator and serpentine belt setup
Mk3 starter
Lightweight under drive crank pulley
210mm clutch with light weight flywheel.
4K Transmission with a diff bolt kit
100mm axles

MK2 Scirocco faux leather seats
Half cage by unorthodox customs
4 point Schroth harness’
Black vinyl door cards
JVC stereo and  2  6.5 speakers

Scirocco bra and mud flaps
Scirocco Heckblende
Roof racks
Original paint
Original owner added side strip and hood stripes
Rear wiper delete
H4/H1 lamps with 100w hi-beams
Mercedes yellow 5′ inner headlights

  • http://www.facebook.com/Scottfun24 Scott Edwards via Facebook

    Great story, love the car

  • Mark Veltkamp via Facebook

    Woooo soo awesome thanks sooooooooo much!

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    no problem man, glad we got to do something before you moved

  • Mark Veltkamp via Facebook

    mee too