H2O International + Weekend 2011

Andrew Events

As i am returning to the Northwest after what has become my semi-annual trip to the East coast, and first time at H2OI. I begin to edit the pictures from the big weekend and can’t help but notice the differences in styling and culture in the automotive community between the Northwest and East coast.

Perhaps some of it may be that my buddies in NC aren’t as well-connected to the car culture down there yet, but mostly due to the lack there of. With that said, I am hoping to meet more people next time i am out there, which will hopefully be in May for SOWO (albeit better weather then too).

While I didn’t get out there and meet tons of people, I’ve come to the conclusion that this was one of the best weekends I’ve had to date, the memories I’ve made are unforgettable, with one of my longest standing friend’s, and his wife Sarah, thanks for the great trip guys.

Something that really jumped out at me this weekend was how… and it’s not that H2O was a small show by any means, but more that the whole weekend in Ocean City really was more about… well the weekend, and there wasn’t so much weight was put on the show it self. The thing that really set it apart from all the shows that i see in the North West was that, at least to me anyway, was how many gtg’s there were in Ocean City. (whether the gtg’s were approved by the city or not is an entirely different story haha)

The automotive community was enormous, at any given time of day you could get in your car and drive down the main strip of the town and see 3, 4 or even 5 large (40-50 cars) gtg’s going on. Whether it be the carrodo guys, Mk1’s and 2’s, the ruckus groups, or even the outcasts, and it was a surefire bet that around the clock, day or night the convention center parking lot was full, it was THE hang out spot.

And as i am sure it is quickly evident from my photos a major difference between the Northwest and the East coast is the HUGE focus the East coast seems to have for wheels and straight pipe exhaust’s haha (if you were anywhere near the main strip at any given time of the day you know what i mean).

Seeing all the different rare wheels, coupled with some of the cleanest builds ive ever seen made it a refreshing show/trip/weekend, and to see so many new cars it was a great time. Well enough on my insights….