Jerovan’s GTI Round 2

Andrew Profiles

Photos by: Andrew Cox
Words by: Jerovan Gayotin
I bought this car brand-new in August 2004 in Fayetteville, NC where I was stationed and started doin’ work right away.  Unfortunately, I was headed in the wrong direction.  I really wanted everything to be “blacked out”.  The first accessories that I bought were monster mats, AEM intake system, and black spray paint.  FAIL.  The next summer I went on my first tour to the desert.  While I was there I got everything on my wish list a Upsolute chip, Koni coils (which would be a big pain) and a BOV. Again, FAIL (except the Konis at the time).  When I got back to Fayetteville I was the fastest car in town, well at least in my own hormone filled 19 year old mind.  This is also when I started to be come addicted to MOAR LOW thanks to the invention of the spanner wrench.

After one more desert tour and two more years I decided to get out of the military.  This is when everything changed.  I moved back to my home town Puyallup, WA and my eyes were opened to a whole different type of car scene.  Instead of Civics with the drag strip on the brain, I came home to refined VW’s with MOAR LOWZ and amazing style than I could even imagine.  I started lowering and lowering until those Konis were bottomed out.  The car had a chip in the hood probably  from the long drive across the US.  This is where I tried my luck at bodywork, which turned out to be bad luck.  I bought VW paint pens and went to town on my silver stone hood.  FAIL AGAIN.

So I brought the car to my buddy Dan at Unorthodox Customs to fix my dilemma.  This ended up to be a great mistake on my part because I now have a beautiful sleepy boser hood.  My next big mistake was cutting out the CAT. What was worse is that I decided to do this the night before the Leavenworth drive.  I sheared two of the bolts on the turbo and tried to cover it up with some Autozone special paste that hardened. haha  We stayed up all night working on this just so that I could go on the drive.  The next day was embarrassing because I sounded like an SRT-4.







I moved back to North Carolina the next summer to live with my wife (she was my girlfriend at the time).  When I got to NC it was a huge culture change.  There were little VW let alone euros, but there were a ton of garbage Hondas and SRT-4s.  I had another big fail, this time with my turbo. It began when the turbo in my car was starting to buzz a little. I got tired of it and decided to upgrade. I got a RP K04 turbo and a ATP high flow manifold.  Everything seemed great.  I had finished on a Friday and literally blew the turbo the next day (EPIC FAIL).  From there I decided that I was going to forget about “fast” and just clean things up.  I convinced myself that it would just be easier to just buy everything new so I BLEW a ton of money on a 42DD turbo back, a Eurojet intercooler and piping, brand new stock K03s, and a APR R1 diverter valve to go back to diverted air.

After all that things have been pretty smooth.  I changed tuning for the third time to Unitronic.  Made the best change to the car so far, AIR RIDE (I should have listened to Dan at Unorthodox Customs like three years earlier).  The only problem with the air ride was that I got it prior to XLs the life styles weren’t cutting it.

Next was wheels, and thanks Uncle Sam I got the wheels that I had dreamed of for the past year, Rotiform TMBs.  I was already on Brock B1s but I’ve got ADD when it comes to everything, I needed a change.






After I got the TMBs I had to go even lower so I decided to bite the bullet and waste/spend another $800.00 on XLs. I only got an inch but it might as well been a mile.  The wheels recently got messed up at an undisclosed shop that bent all the lips :'(.  So now they’re back at Rotiform getting fixed. THE END (for now).