StanceWars 2012

Andrew Events

In the weeks prior to StanceWars i can remember asking my friends if they were going to the show, since the show doesn’t have as long of a history as some of the other events in the pacific northwest i could immediately see the doubtful gaze growing in their eyes. I would go on to convince them of the great experience i had last year, describing the layed back atmosphere and all the great cars, the fantastic location, only to end my argument by simply stating, StanceWars was by far my favorite event of the year.

Well this year was once again nothing less than incredible, my girlfriend and i showed up early to help set up the show, which is always a blast. Over the past couple years I’ve gotten to know the group fairly well, and in all honesty, it is unlikely there is a better group of people to put on events than this. As everyone arrived at the site it wasn’t long before we were ready to open the gates; i still can’t tell if the event came together so quickly because of the great organization or if it was because we were having so much fun.

At about 4:30pm, the cars started rolling in and they didn’t stop until the show was over, it seemed as if there were a constant stream of cars coming in all the way till the time we were cleaning up. As the cars came in, the sponsored booths started popping up, and people were putting their final touches on their soon to be judged show car spots and finishing up their final detailing.

6:00pm came and went in a hurry and the general public were now consuming the isle ways, everywhere you looked there were hundreds of people drooling over the immaculate cars. As a photographer, setting the event in the evening was a sure fire way to create a great opportunity for great images.

9:30pm came all too soon (even for someone who had been there since 2:00pm), when the trophies were given out and the event was ready to be cleaned up, we all knew we would be going to the VIP party which included free food and an open bar (need i say more?)

I said it before, and I will say it again, this event was by far my favorite event this year. If you didn’t make it out to StanceWars this year it will be back next year, the first weekend of July 2013!

  • Brandon Corey

    Sick pics of my car! Thanks Andy!

  • Dan Alcorn

    Looks like it was a blast, killer photos. I’m glad to see you squeezed in one of your own car too, hood still looks great.

  • Shutter Garage

    wondered if you would notice that