Austin’s 72′ Mercedes W114

Andrew Profiles

Words by Trevor Loasie
Photos by Andrew Cox

Style, class, sophistication; these words come to mind when Mercedes happens to be whispered into our ear. That, or we are trying to remember that fake name the scantily clad cocktail waitress gave you when you asked her for a phone number. Yeah, we have been there. This Mercedes W114, /8 or Strich Acht as they were nicknamed in Germany is anything but the type of girl you try and pickup after a few too many drinks. There are two words that come to mind when I see a slammed classic, pure style. That’s right. Pure, true to form style.

So what do we have here exactly? Let’s start with the obvious and work our way down shall we? When this beauty fell into its owner’s hands, the car was anything but a looker. With huge dents canvasing the car the owner set to work on turning those dents into curves no one could resist. After some serious dent pulling, the attention was put towards cleaning up the scratched and potted wheels; nothing some paint and scuffing can’t fix! After a little “creative adjustment” with the factory springs the tires were then dressed with a stylish whitewall siding. To really give this ride a unique look the Mercedes was fitted with a custom built stained wood and copper roof rack.

The theme continues with a wood patterned overlay to give the car a vintage two-tone effect. Top that off with some vintage luggage and you are ready to hit the road to anywhere. Custom is the name of the game for this enthusiast and a Heineken beer tap was fitted to the shifter. Now if it only dispensed beer when you put it in reverse. The engine itself was not spared from the relentless refurb process. The 2.3l inline six sports dual carbs that have both undergone a fresh new weber rebuild. These engines are not producing crazy hp numbers but we are pretty sure Mercedes just wanted you to have more time to marvel at their art as it cruised on by. Although this model was produced in the US, this particular one was imported for unique engine. This only adds to the rarity of this piece of history.

This classy German machine was intended to be a total redesign from the previous models, sporting a more aggressive hood, grill, and enough bumper options to make scion blush. Did we mention it was designed by French designer Paul Bracq? Who happened to be the chief designer for Mercedes and designed for BMW and Peugot as well. Does anyone else imagine a beret, a slim cigarette, and a mustache; Pronounced moo-stosh?

In its day this curvy lady was a modern marvel that came with some cutting edge innovations. Some of these ideas included a center console “can you say lavish?”, and ribbed tail lights that were contoured specifically to maintain their visibility even when coated in heavy dust or mud. “Insert obligatory dirty French people joke.”

Fast forward to today when slammed cars are becoming a dime a dozen and the originality pool is drying up faster than an African watering hole. Seeing someone take a classic Euro car that was lost to the sands of time and bring it back to make it something of their own is as much of a rarity as the car itself. This concept truly earns this Mercedes a new spot in today’s show lineup.