Perks of the Job

Andrew Profiles

Words and photos by Jackson Routledge
When I first saw this TL… it struck me as stunning. I kept seeing it around town; I just had to approach him. After only a few short minutes of discussion, he agreed to let me shoot it.

It didn’t take long to figure out that Allen actually works just down the block from me, at Hinshaw’s Auto Body. Working at Hinshaw’s has given Allen the skills and resources to fit these monstrous Konig Afterburners under his car.

Allen had to do a massive  2 ¾ inch pull in the rear, and ¾ of an inch up front. Hinshaw’s, being the laboratory it is, left Allen wide open to create is own custom work.

One major modification being his 10-point fully adjustable rear suspension setup. The camber, toe, setback and offset of the hub can be adjusted to fit almost any offset wheel. All tubular arms were Tig welded with heim joints, something you’d probably see on a race car.

Who knew this would work so well to find a luxury car’s perfect fitment. Allen wanted us to give his close friend Andy Krett a shout out for helping him with this build and thinking outside the box.

AEM v2 cold air intake
Rv6 v2 j pipe
Full Greddy dual Evo2 non-resonated exhaust
20mm t/b spacer
20mm intake manifold spacer

Full type r exterior
OEM Acura rain guards
13% Tint
45% Tinted Windshield
Brembo BBK custom teal paint

H&R Street one piece coilovers
SPC front and rear camber kit
Full cushion 10 link fully adjustable rear suspension
H&R 32mm font sway bar
H&R 22mm rear sway bar