Heroes get Remembered but Legends Never Die

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I remember the day I met Mark a couple of years ago at a Griots Garage meet, where later in the day I would photograph his and a few other cars at a StanceWars/NW Built photo shoot in Tacoma, a couple months before the first annual StanceWars. I remember it because I was standing in the parking lot talking with Paul Bruney, about when the heck I was going to get some new wheels for my car (still haven’t hah!) My argument at the time was that I didn’t know where to get some decent wheels relatively local, Paul said, you know who would have the answers? Mark would, who’s Mark? was my response.

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YOU DON’T KNOW WHO MARK BELLO IS?? at which point he walked me right over to his car and interrupted what ever conversation was going on at that time to introduce me to him, (Thanks Paul haha).

tailLight copy

From that day on we would talk back and forth about whatever builds we had going on, and every month or so Mark would text me with his new additions. Oh man the head lights, if you know Mark, you know he loves the wheels he has (at the moment) or the motor work he is doing but above all its always going to come back to the head light retrofits, i mean he is OBSESSED haha no not really… but really…

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I saw something he posted on Facebook a day or two ago, that really rang true for me and from what I saw at the show I think it is becoming more and more true, which is a shame. He said “The only thing some people cared about at the show. (photo of his wheels) Because of the fitment and wide shiny lips. They didn’t care about the tC.”

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I will probably catch some flak for posting this as the show’s position was based around stance, but more and more of what i see on a day to day basis is people’s obsession with wheels, I get it- shiny and expensive is king, but what about all the other work that has been put into this car, the interior is flawless, the body work is near perfect, inside and out the car couldn’t be any cleaner, and in my opinion can’t get much better.

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Which is why as sad as it is to see it go, by the end of the month this beast will be parted out, in my opinion parting it out while everyone is still talking about it is the best way to create a legend. Mark will be getting started on his new project, you’ll want to see this, stay tuned.

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    Who is the Paul Bruney you speak of? I know not of him.