Pacific Northwest’s First Annual StanceWars

Andrew Events

2011 marks the first of what we hope to be many more years of a show called Stance Wars. The idea behind Stance Wars was to put on a competition to bring out the Pacific Northwest’s most well fitted, stanced vehicles whether it be JDM, euro, classic, mini-truck or even choppers. If it has stance, it was eligible for the show.

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Leavenworth Drive 2011

Andrew Events

2011 marked the 10th annual Leavenworth Drive, and although the weather was less than optimal, it was no match for the 1000+ excited european drivers who have been patiently waiting all year for the day to come. Northwest European organizes the event each year, and has proven once again to put together a top notch gathering and cruise. They deserve a huge thank you from everyone who attended. Once the drivers crossed over Stevens Pass the clouds parted and the sun decided to shine and the weather couldn’t have been better for the afternoon, in all the day was very successful in all aspects, here are some of the shots that we took…

StanceWorks meet 2.0

Andrew Events

A week or so ago a small group of us from the Tacoma area rolled up to seattle for the StanceWorks meet, which i must say i was really impressed with the great turn out. Here are the photos from the day.

Unorthodox Customs Cruise In Round 1

Andrew Events

Unorthodox Customs first cruise in had a great turn out even with the poor weather. Here are a few shots from the evening.

Unorthodox Customs Cruise-In

Andrew Events

Come out this friday to Unorthodox Customs in Puyallup, WA and check out there shop some of the projects they have been up to and meet some great people!

UC Cruise-In Flyer

NW-Built & StanceWars Photoshoot

Andrew Events

This past saturday i had a great time, i met a lot of cool people and had to opportunity to shoot some cars that i dont normally have the opportunity to shoot. The day started out at Griot’s Garage in Tacoma, WA for a meet  put on by NW-Built, who has a reputation for not being make specific, and that everyone with a good attitude can come out for a good time. Saturday was no different and surprisingly the weather turned out be pretty nice with the regular rain shower here and there in the early after noon but cleared up and tuned into a nice day later on, perfect for taking photos.

After leaving the meet a small group of us rolled down to the tide flats in tacoma for a StanceWars photo shoot. A few of the cars that were featured for the shoot was Mark Bello’s Scion tC, Vernon Lim’s RSX, Connor Surdi’s silver WRX, and Billy Gano’s black Miata. Check out the photos and dont forget to head over Andrew Cox Photography for prints of your favorites.




XXX Rootbeer GTG 2011

Andrew Events

This past Sunday was the Pacific Northwests annual XXX Rootbeer GTG, like every other year the cars were plentiful, the food is great, and the parkinglot was filled with many familiar faces.

If you would like to purchase prints of these photos visit Andrew Cox Photography