Not too big and not too small…

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These are a few words that were used to describe the Chevy Nova of the early 70’s.


As you can see this is our first of feature that isnt of something Euro and believe me there are lots more to come. This Nova is actually something fresh out of our buddies shop over at Unorthodox Customs, and the paint isnt but a few days old, well on to the photos!




For more information about this car and others like it head on over to Unorthodox Customs


Wooded location

Andrew Andrews Mini-Blog

Scouted a promising location this afternoon, excited for the upcoming shoot! Stay tuned!


Andrew Andrews Mini-Blog

hey everyone, i made this blog (inside of the other blog) to be more of an update to my personal photography and keep everyone updated on what i will be shooting, when im working on some fun, interesting, and exciting features stay tuned!