WaterWerks 2012

Andrew Events

Looking back at previous years, i didn’t think that this show could get much better, but after all the changes i saw this year i knew that i was all wrong.

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Jerovan’s GTI Round 2

Andrew Profiles

Photos by: Andrew Cox
Words by: Jerovan Gayotin
I bought this car brand-new in August 2004 in Fayetteville, NC where I was stationed and started doin’ work right away.  Unfortunately, I was headed in the wrong direction.  I really wanted everything to be “blacked out”.  The first accessories that I bought were monster mats, AEM intake system, and black spray paint.  FAIL.  The next summer I went on my first tour to the desert.  While I was there I got everything on my wish list a Upsolute chip, Koni coils (which would be a big pain) and a BOV. Again, FAIL (except the Konis at the time).  When I got back to Fayetteville I was the fastest car in town, well at least in my own hormone filled 19 year old mind.  This is also when I started to be come addicted to MOAR LOW thanks to the invention of the spanner wrench.

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WaterWerks 2011

Andrew Events

While editing photos i often try to think about what I want to write, how I want to write my short summary of the days events, but while editing the photos (more than 200 I might add) I kept coming back to the same thought. WaterWerks, to much of the VAG (and finally BMW’s) scene in the Northwest is much more than just a car show. WaterWerks is much more monumental than just what is likely to be seen on the surface.

It is something like a bookmark in time, some of the people I talk with on a day-to-day basis refer to it as a project deadline (you know who you are) and can be referenced at any time throughout the year. Others, while the before mentioned might be true to some extent, just can’t wait to see what the Northwest (and you know the Northwest always does it big) will bring to the table this year.

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NW-Built & StanceWars Photoshoot

Andrew Events

This past saturday i had a great time, i met a lot of cool people and had to opportunity to shoot some cars that i dont normally have the opportunity to shoot. The day started out at Griot’s Garage in Tacoma, WA for a meet  put on by NW-Built, who has a reputation for not being make specific, and that everyone with a good attitude can come out for a good time. Saturday was no different and surprisingly the weather turned out be pretty nice with the regular rain shower here and there in the early after noon but cleared up and tuned into a nice day later on, perfect for taking photos.

After leaving the meet a small group of us rolled down to the tide flats in tacoma for a StanceWars photo shoot. A few of the cars that were featured for the shoot was Mark Bello’s Scion tC, Vernon Lim’s RSX, Connor Surdi’s silver WRX, and Billy Gano’s black Miata. Check out the photos and dont forget to head over Andrew Cox Photography for prints of your favorites.




Not too big and not too small…

Andrew Profiles

These are a few words that were used to describe the Chevy Nova of the early 70’s.


As you can see this is our first of feature that isnt of something Euro and believe me there are lots more to come. This Nova is actually something fresh out of our buddies shop over at Unorthodox Customs, and the paint isnt but a few days old, well on to the photos!




For more information about this car and others like it head on over to Unorthodox Customs


Snoozin in the South

Andrew Profiles

Jerovan’s sleepy eyed gti has the proper balance of function to match the style.

During my visit to the ever-welcoming city of Fayetteville, Jerovan and I drove through the city trying to find something interesting to do for a few days while I was in town. The one of the first things that I started to notice (among many others) after only a few hours in town, now keep in mind I live in the great northwest where at every turn of a corner you see something that has been modified, but when I was out there visiting it was not the same case, in fact the better part of the week that I was there I believe we saw only a hand full of cars done right.

This is where Jerovan’s gti comes into play, now Jerovan hasn’t always lived down south, his move was due to the military, never the less he is from the Tacoma area and as you can see still very in tune with the northwest flavor.

Now Jerovan’s Mk4 wasn’t his first VW while growing up he drove a 91’ Mk2 Golf which was always a fun hood ride, however Jerovan wanted to go a different route, with clean OEM + style and some nice simple performance upgrades. First was to gut the “extra emissions stuff” and to remove some of the regulators, then to add a few extras including full 42 draft design exhaust and a K04 turbo (upgraded from the K03) as well as some Koni coils (of which has been removed since the photos were taken and full air lift bag setup has been installed complete with Auto Pilot digital management)

After finishing his first stint of active duty in the Air Force he returned to Washington for a year or so to hang out with old friends and be closer to family. But it wasn’t too long before he decided to move back out to North Carolina to his girl friend Sarah. However while in Washington there were a few additions added to his car that wouldn’t have been otherwise conceived first of which was the sleepy booser hood, fabed up by Unorthodox Customs, and is quite subtle and bringing it back to the very OEM+ look. The only other major addition was the, now discontinued, very wide and always controversial Brock B1’s with a modest 8.5in in the front, and an outrageous 10 inches in the rear with only a mere rolling of the fenders and no pull.

At this point, I will let the photos do the talking, feel free to leave comments and be sure to check back for more updates on this car in the spring and many more profiles coming soon!

To view the rest of the photos from this shoot check them out at Andrew Cox Photography

WaterWerks 2010

Andrew Events

This was WaterWerks’ 3rd Annual 2 day show, but WaterWerks isn’t just a show like much of the rest of the events in the northwest. WaterWerks has a week full of events that precedes the first day of the show, the auto cross, which is followed by the main event, the show. The show is a fundraiser for the American Diabetes Association where all the proceeds raised go towards. This years show had more then 400 cars on display and raffled items such as RS6 replica wheels, Podi gauges, numerous other items, and certificates. Here are a few photos from the day.


Check out the rest of the photos on our Flickr