WaterWerks 2012

Andrew Events

Looking back at previous years, i didn’t think that this show could get much better, but after all the changes i saw this year i knew that i was all wrong.

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Jerovan’s GTI Round 2

Andrew Profiles

Photos by: Andrew Cox
Words by: Jerovan Gayotin
I bought this car brand-new in August 2004 in Fayetteville, NC where I was stationed and started doin’ work right away.  Unfortunately, I was headed in the wrong direction.  I really wanted everything to be “blacked out”.  The first accessories that I bought were monster mats, AEM intake system, and black spray paint.  FAIL.  The next summer I went on my first tour to the desert.  While I was there I got everything on my wish list a Upsolute chip, Koni coils (which would be a big pain) and a BOV. Again, FAIL (except the Konis at the time).  When I got back to Fayetteville I was the fastest car in town, well at least in my own hormone filled 19 year old mind.  This is also when I started to be come addicted to MOAR LOW thanks to the invention of the spanner wrench.

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WaterWerks 2011

Andrew Events

While editing photos i often try to think about what I want to write, how I want to write my short summary of the days events, but while editing the photos (more than 200 I might add) I kept coming back to the same thought. WaterWerks, to much of the VAG (and finally BMW’s) scene in the Northwest is much more than just a car show. WaterWerks is much more monumental than just what is likely to be seen on the surface.

It is something like a bookmark in time, some of the people I talk with on a day-to-day basis refer to it as a project deadline (you know who you are) and can be referenced at any time throughout the year. Others, while the before mentioned might be true to some extent, just can’t wait to see what the Northwest (and you know the Northwest always does it big) will bring to the table this year.

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NW-Built & StanceWars Photoshoot

Andrew Events

This past saturday i had a great time, i met a lot of cool people and had to opportunity to shoot some cars that i dont normally have the opportunity to shoot. The day started out at Griot’s Garage in Tacoma, WA for a meet  put on by NW-Built, who has a reputation for not being make specific, and that everyone with a good attitude can come out for a good time. Saturday was no different and surprisingly the weather turned out be pretty nice with the regular rain shower here and there in the early after noon but cleared up and tuned into a nice day later on, perfect for taking photos.

After leaving the meet a small group of us rolled down to the tide flats in tacoma for a StanceWars photo shoot. A few of the cars that were featured for the shoot was Mark Bello’s Scion tC, Vernon Lim’s RSX, Connor Surdi’s silver WRX, and Billy Gano’s black Miata. Check out the photos and dont forget to head over Andrew Cox Photography for prints of your favorites.




XXX Rootbeer GTG 2011

Andrew Events

This past Sunday was the Pacific Northwests annual XXX Rootbeer GTG, like every other year the cars were plentiful, the food is great, and the parkinglot was filled with many familiar faces.

If you would like to purchase prints of these photos visit Andrew Cox Photography


Keepin’ it Classy

Andrew Profiles

It’s hard these days to style a car that hasn’t been done before or that’s not played out.

Paulette was in love with the B6 even before she started thinking about any type of modifications. She wanted a full size car that had potential. Like all car enthusiasts it wasn’t long before the “itch” took over.  With her roots starting in mini-trucks Paulette was no newcomer to the modification world and it wasn’t long before the Passat started its transformation.

Within 90 days of hitting the road the B6 was lowered with KW Variant 1 coil overs and received cat back exhaust with Borla mufflers. After being lowered the stock rollers came off and on went some RS4 replicas. With a year gone by and show season coming more needed to be done. Not happy with the initial drop from the B6 coils something had to happen so the rears were pulled and replaced with MK5 springs. Now with the car as low as it could go for her taste and it being a daily driver the modification in the appearance to the body was much in need.

To achieve a “lower more aggressive” look Paulette had the badgeless grill, Votex lip, side skirts and rear flush spoiler color matched to the car. To gain the right look she had the doorstops and rear valance sanded smooth and color matched. With a new look to the body the car needed a wheels with a more polished look.  Wanting to move away from the standard “spoked” look Paulette test fitted a set of Mercedes-Benz Alphards, in love she fell. It was a perfect match for her! With the body complete next came a few go fast goodies so along came the Revo Stage 1 and Carbonio intake which led to modifying the exhaust one last time with techtonics cat back, and removing one of the Borla mufflers.

Few Specs
EBC cross drilled and slotted rotors front and rear.
Mercedes Benz Alphards 18×8.5 et.35  front 9.5 et.40 rear
Falken 512 225/40 all around.
8mm H&R spacers rear.

Words by Paulette Templin

To see more photos of this car check out Andrew Cox Photography

72oz Steak Challenge

Andrew Events

Alright so this doesnt look to be exactly automotive buuut, looks can be deceiving this event is actually put on by a few people who are a part of German Perversion (myself included) and all automotive enthusiasts are invited. The event is to raise money for The American Cancer Society. Last years event raised about $1100, this years event has raised just over $1800 and opposed to last years event where we only had one person actually finish the massive steak of 4.5lbs, a potato, veggies and a dinner roll, this year we had not one, not two, but THREE eaters devour their entire plate.

Another few differences between last years and this years event is, last year we only had 6 eaters, which is still a lot of people willing to take on this kind of challenge, however this year, we had 9 people attempt the challenge. We also expanded the audience to all automotive enthusiasts against last year that was strictly european oriented, Speed Factory, traditionally, an import shop sponsored Joe Rabon (3rd place eater) and Unorthodox Customs whom is trying to get more into the european and import scenes also sponsored Nate Pickle whom ended up taking 1st place.

There were nearly 30 items that were raffled off at the event a few of the item inluded dyno pulls, photo shoots, a satellite radio, ipods, and even large Griots care care kits. Ok thats enough talk here are some of the pics from the night.

To see more photos from the night head on over to Andrew Cox Photography

or for more details about the event you can go to 72ozchallenge.com