Tailored Seattle

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It has been agreed on by many, Tailored Seattle was by far one of the best most well gathered selections of cars that we had seen in the Northwest in a long time. The atmosphere at the show was just about perfect, there wasn’t much of a competition or even anything in the way of trophies at all, but to be honest i wouldn’t have had it any other way.

Without the traditional trophies, judging and the like it gave the night a much more relaxed and laid back feel. In my opinion I think there needs to be more shows, or meets rather, like this. Do everyone a favor and take the stress right out of the event, and encourage others to get out there and meet new people, just hang out and have a good time. Read more ›

72oz Steak Challenge

Andrew Events

Alright so this doesnt look to be exactly automotive buuut, looks can be deceiving this event is actually put on by a few people who are a part of German Perversion (myself included) and all automotive enthusiasts are invited. The event is to raise money for The American Cancer Society. Last years event raised about $1100, this years event has raised just over $1800 and opposed to last years event where we only had one person actually finish the massive steak of 4.5lbs, a potato, veggies and a dinner roll, this year we had not one, not two, but THREE eaters devour their entire plate.

Another few differences between last years and this years event is, last year we only had 6 eaters, which is still a lot of people willing to take on this kind of challenge, however this year, we had 9 people attempt the challenge. We also expanded the audience to all automotive enthusiasts against last year that was strictly european oriented, Speed Factory, traditionally, an import shop sponsored Joe Rabon (3rd place eater) and Unorthodox Customs whom is trying to get more into the european and import scenes also sponsored Nate Pickle whom ended up taking 1st place.

There were nearly 30 items that were raffled off at the event a few of the item inluded dyno pulls, photo shoots, a satellite radio, ipods, and even large Griots care care kits. Ok thats enough talk here are some of the pics from the night.

To see more photos from the night head on over to Andrew Cox Photography

or for more details about the event you can go to 72ozchallenge.com

Leavenworth 2010

Andrew Events

Just wanted to post a few pics from this years Leavenworth drive, which had a very successful turnout. The drive takes place every June where hundreds of european car owners from all over the northwest gather at Bellevue community college in washington for a simple meet and greet, after what seems to be only a few minutes everyone heads out to the small german town of Leavenworth, WA the drive is about 2hrs east of Bellevue, and is filled with a plethora of twisties, which is always a good time.


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