Keepin’ it Classy

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It’s hard these days to style a car that hasn’t been done before or that’s not played out.

Paulette was in love with the B6 even before she started thinking about any type of modifications. She wanted a full size car that had potential. Like all car enthusiasts it wasn’t long before the “itch” took over.  With her roots starting in mini-trucks Paulette was no newcomer to the modification world and it wasn’t long before the Passat started its transformation.

Within 90 days of hitting the road the B6 was lowered with KW Variant 1 coil overs and received cat back exhaust with Borla mufflers. After being lowered the stock rollers came off and on went some RS4 replicas. With a year gone by and show season coming more needed to be done. Not happy with the initial drop from the B6 coils something had to happen so the rears were pulled and replaced with MK5 springs. Now with the car as low as it could go for her taste and it being a daily driver the modification in the appearance to the body was much in need.

To achieve a “lower more aggressive” look Paulette had the badgeless grill, Votex lip, side skirts and rear flush spoiler color matched to the car. To gain the right look she had the doorstops and rear valance sanded smooth and color matched. With a new look to the body the car needed a wheels with a more polished look.  Wanting to move away from the standard “spoked” look Paulette test fitted a set of Mercedes-Benz Alphards, in love she fell. It was a perfect match for her! With the body complete next came a few go fast goodies so along came the Revo Stage 1 and Carbonio intake which led to modifying the exhaust one last time with techtonics cat back, and removing one of the Borla mufflers.

Few Specs
EBC cross drilled and slotted rotors front and rear.
Mercedes Benz Alphards 18×8.5 et.35  front 9.5 et.40 rear
Falken 512 225/40 all around.
8mm H&R spacers rear.

Words by Paulette Templin

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Snoozin in the South

Andrew Profiles

Jerovan’s sleepy eyed gti has the proper balance of function to match the style.

During my visit to the ever-welcoming city of Fayetteville, Jerovan and I drove through the city trying to find something interesting to do for a few days while I was in town. The one of the first things that I started to notice (among many others) after only a few hours in town, now keep in mind I live in the great northwest where at every turn of a corner you see something that has been modified, but when I was out there visiting it was not the same case, in fact the better part of the week that I was there I believe we saw only a hand full of cars done right.

This is where Jerovan’s gti comes into play, now Jerovan hasn’t always lived down south, his move was due to the military, never the less he is from the Tacoma area and as you can see still very in tune with the northwest flavor.

Now Jerovan’s Mk4 wasn’t his first VW while growing up he drove a 91’ Mk2 Golf which was always a fun hood ride, however Jerovan wanted to go a different route, with clean OEM + style and some nice simple performance upgrades. First was to gut the “extra emissions stuff” and to remove some of the regulators, then to add a few extras including full 42 draft design exhaust and a K04 turbo (upgraded from the K03) as well as some Koni coils (of which has been removed since the photos were taken and full air lift bag setup has been installed complete with Auto Pilot digital management)

After finishing his first stint of active duty in the Air Force he returned to Washington for a year or so to hang out with old friends and be closer to family. But it wasn’t too long before he decided to move back out to North Carolina to his girl friend Sarah. However while in Washington there were a few additions added to his car that wouldn’t have been otherwise conceived first of which was the sleepy booser hood, fabed up by Unorthodox Customs, and is quite subtle and bringing it back to the very OEM+ look. The only other major addition was the, now discontinued, very wide and always controversial Brock B1’s with a modest 8.5in in the front, and an outrageous 10 inches in the rear with only a mere rolling of the fenders and no pull.

At this point, I will let the photos do the talking, feel free to leave comments and be sure to check back for more updates on this car in the spring and many more profiles coming soon!

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